Unser Lagrein

Ein Erbe, das verpflichtet

Unsere Liebe zum Lagrein hat viele Gründe: Die in Südtirol heimische Rebsorte ist charakterstark und spannend, schafft es, sich klar vom internationalen Einheitsgeschmack abzuheben. Dabei blickt der Lagrein auf eine über sechs Jahrhunderte währende Geschichte in Südtirol zurück und ist seit jeher an das hiesige Mikroklima angepasst. Ein Erbe, dem wir uns verpflichtet fühlen und dem wir uns in besonderem Maße mit unserem Lagenprojekt und intensiver Forschungsarbeit in Weinberg und Keller widmen. So stehen seit über zwei Jahrzehnten bis zu 20 Lagrein-Biotypen in unseren besten Lagen unter Beobachtung, aus denen wir das Rebgut für Neubepflanzungen auswählen, um die Identität und das besondere Naturell der Rebsorte stets weiter herauszuarbeiten.

Lagrein Kretzer

A young wine with a long tradition and the product of a natural development that has matured over time to make the wine what it is today. The traditional Kretzer is a fruity-fresh and youthful wine, ready to be enjoyed just months after the grape harvest. Our rosé is 100 percent matured in stainless steel tanks. By the way: the name “Kretzer” comes from an old German word for the woven basket formally used to strain the must and separate the skins.

Lagrein Muri-Gries

This distinctive wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks and then aged partly in stainless steel tanks and partly in large wooden barrels for several months. It is a Lagrein for any and every day: deep purple in color, fruity and fresh on the nose, and elegant on the palate with a velvety structure and tightly knit tannins – the perfect symbiosis of traditional and modern.

Lagrein Riserva

In the case of our Lagrein Riserva wines, only top quality grapes from selected sites in our monastery vineyards find their way into the glass. The wines are the consummate expression of the variety and its terroir: the Lagrein Riserva Vigna Klosteranger, which comes from the historical single site of the same name located behind the monastery at the heart of Bolzano, and the Lagrein Riserva in our Abtei Muri line, which is made from top-quality grapes from our two outstanding sites in Gries-Moritzing. Matured in barriques for at least 14 to 19 months, our Lagrein Riservas are a homage to their home.
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