History. Cultural heritage. Natural treasure.

In 1845 the Benedictines moved from Muri in Switzerland to Gries in South Tyrol, where the order took over the Augustinian monastery. In so doing, they inherited a long tradition of wine-growing, which they nurtured in the spirit of a symbiosis of monastery, winery and estate that is still very much in evidence today. The result, in the 21st century, is a range of top-quality wines from MURI-GRIES like the Abtei Muri line, which has been produced from selected grapes from the very best sites since 1989.

With passion, joy and Expertise

When does passion become expertise? And when does expertise generate a constant commitment to top quality wines? At MURI-GRIES all these factors are closely interconnected. Respect for our tradition, trust in the quality of our grape varieties, and our experience – these are our values, values that we combine with progress and innovation, values that define our winemaking philosophy, using modern stainless steel tanks and large wooden barrels and barriques, gentle winemaking techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.

The Lagrein

We have a clear long-standing commitment to Lagrein as a native grape variety. It is a commitment to sustainable working with a variety that feels very much at home in our monastery vineyards and flourishes accordingly. Year after year, the vines deliver increasingly impressive results. That is something we also owe to old vines planted in the 1930s, which we use to select outstanding vine material in our constant endeavour to focus on the distinctive character of Lagrein: an elegant red wine with a strong identity, both highly complex and down-to-earth – and the hallmark of MURI-GRIES.Details


Spiritual and temporal in partnership. At MURI-GRIES wine has always been closely linked to the monastery. The vineyards have belonged to the monastery for centuries, and the winery is also completely integrated in the abbey.
The MURI-GRIES success story is due to its many committed employees and their untiring work, day in day out, in the cellar and in the vineyards. It is wonderful, fulfilling work with Nature and its produce. No two years are alike; each year confronts us with its own surprises and challenges. But always, Nature defines the rhythm.
Christian Werth

Christian Werth

“As the winemaker at MURI-GRIES I have seen decisive developments since 1988 in terms of a consistent focus on top quality wines. For me, the opportunity to be a part of the history of Muri-Gries for a short period of time and guide the operation in the right direction is a fascinating challenge. As an enologist, I am especially motivated to position Lagrein as a varietal at the international level.”
Walter Bernard

Walter Bernard

“For me, the work in the vineyard means living with the rhythms of nature. As the estate manager at MURI-GRIES I am repeatedly made aware of the fact that the relationship between man and vines must base on respect for nature and the need to maintain a natural balance. No matter how much training and experience one has, the workings of nature are ultimately unpredictable. That means every wine-growing year is a year of pure excitement followed – when the goal has been achieved – by pure relaxation.”

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