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Lagrein Riserva
Vigna Klosteranger

The Klosteranger is a historical single site protected by the old monastery wall at the heart of MURI-GRIES. It offers the perfect terroir for our Lagrein Riserva Vigna Klosteranger: an expressive single-vineyard wine as the product of the authentic interpretation of terroir and grape variety, concentrated and honest. The wine pairs well with braised game, lightly roasted beef and spicy cheese dishes.
  • Single Vineyard
  • Lagrein
  • Bolzano-Gries, 250 m a.s.l.
  • 22 months barrique
  • 15-17°C
  • 10 years
Intense garnet red
concentrated aromas, surprisingly fresh and fruity, with notes of coffee and dark berries plus a hint of raspberry
firm tannins and a fresh acidity, delicate and elegant fullness and depth, wonderfully complex, persistent and convincingly structured
14.00 % vol.
Total acidity
5.60 g/l
Residual sugar
2.40 g/l
The history of the Klosteranger can be traced back to the 18th century. It is the heart of MURI-GRIES, a single site with an excellent terroir in the middle of Gries protected by the old monastery wall. This is where the grapes grow for our very best Lagrein, the Weingarten Klosteranger.
A balanced interplay of climate, soils, skill and passion creates the foundations for our expressive premium wines to unfold to the full: wines of great finesse from the best monastery vineyards.

Vigna Klosteranger

The origins of Lagrein

Klosteranger is the name of a historical site with an area of 2.7 hectares. It is a passion, challenge and the premier league for work in the vineyard. Enclosed by the monastery wall, the Klosteranger is ideal for our single-site project. In the last twenty years, that has involved research, planting, careful selection and continuous improvements. The outstanding quality and permeability of the soil have remained unchanged over the centuries. The nearby River Talfer delivers pure alluvial material, and the sun maintains a generous supply of warmth and light well beyond the end of summer. So conditions are perfect for an outstanding wine: our Lagrein Riserva Vigna Klosteranger.


Wines to taste & take home

You will find a warm welcome in our vinotheque at the entrance to the monastery. This historical setting with its massive, centuries-old walls is the ideal place to taste and purchase our wines. Patrizia and Daniela are always pleased to advise and are looking forward to your visit!
If you will not be visiting South Tyrol in the near future, we will be pleased to help you find a wine shop that stocks MURI-GRIES wines in your area. Please do not hesitate to contact us!
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