Hailstorm, July 2019

Loss of Lagrein Riserva "Abtei Muri" 2019
Summer time is thunderstorm time and there is always a risk for agriculture when a storm breaks out. Unfortunately, hail sometimes decimates the harvest in our vineyards.
This is what happened on July 25, 2019.
A heavy hailstorm hit Bolzano and lasted 25 minutes. Our two locations in Moritzing, Gries, where our precious Lagrein Riserva "Abtei Muri" thrives, were unfortunately at the mercy of this force majeure.
The crop failure of the 2019 Lagrein Riserva "Abtei Muri" vintage was like a stab in the heart. As a result, there will be no Lagrein Riserva "Abtei Muri" for sale this summer/autumn 2022.
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