October 2019

First-hand experience

Vintage report from our trainee Karoline
Dear friends of Muri-Gries,
my name is Karoline Hirschmann, I study viticulture and enology at Geisenheim University in Germany. During the vintage of 2019 I work as trainee at Muri-Gries Wine Estate and Monastery Cellar. How I got to know about Muri-Gries? To be honest, that was a fortunate coincidence while in search for a producer from the Alto Adige engaged both in winegrowing and winemaking and with a focus on red wines. Right from the first job interview with winemaker Christian Werth I felt to be welcome at the winery. By now, I have already arrived almost at the end of my working experience at Muri-Gries. At this point I can already say not only I have learned a lot but I have also converted from a white wine drinker to an aficionado of Lagrein and the Alto Adige. What I appreciate at Muri-Gries is the combination of state of the art technology and traditional vinification methods together with a strong emphasis on high quality standards along the whole production process, from the choice of wooden barrels to the packaging materials. I thank my colleagues from the team in the cellar for the great time and the positive experience. I hope to be back soon as a customer.
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