April, 20 2018

Recently at Muri-Gries

Visit of the German Society for the History of Wine
Around 120 members of the Society for the History of Wine met in South Tyrol at the end of April to hold their annual assembly The four-day event allowed attendees to get to know an interesting range of different wineries, providing deep insights into South Tyrol's wine world and wine history. Part of the schedule was also a visit of the monastery and the winery of Muri-Gries. After a warm welcome from abbot P. Beda in the historic church of the monastery, P. Plazidus read some excerpts from the book 'Der Weinbau im Etschland' (about viticulture in Alto Adige). This historically unique work was written in 1808 by Augustin Nagele, the last provost of the Augustinians in Gries, but first published only in 2015 by the Society for the History of Wine. The work was discussed in detail in the cloister of the monastery while drinking a glass of Lagrein Rosé 'Kretzer' offered by the monastery cellar of Muri-Gries.

The Society for the History of Wine has existed since 1959 and is based in Germany. The purpose of the Society is to promote the study of the history of wine and to deepen the general historical awareness of wine culture. The most important activity of the association is therefore the publication of writings regarding the history of grape varieties, cultivation techniques, cultivation areas, wine culture and wine trade.
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