June 2018

The pleasure of working for a good reason

Annual Assembly of 'Europäische Stiftungsweingüter' at Muri-Gries
Since 2011 Muri-Gries is a member of the 'Europäische Stiftungsweingüter', the European association of wineries that have their origins in charitable foundations. Currently, the association counts 19 wineries from several European countries, namely Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Hungary. The participating wineries are all characterized by a long-standing winemaking tradition and agree on high quality production standards and their passion for winemaking.
At the beginning of June, Muri-Gries has organized the annual assembly of the association, which was held for the first time in Alto Adige. More than 80 representatives from the Wine Estates an sustaining members joined the meeting in Bolzano. Next to the assembly, there was a rich cultural programme, to include also a public tasting with wines from 14 different Wine Estates from five European countries. The meeting was once again a great opportunity to further strenghen the European network of winemaking charitable foundations.
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